Retired Captain John T. Vigiano has put together a deal where we can purchase FDNY or NYPD flags.

A 2 ft x 3 ft flag, from Annin & Co., a reputable flag manufacturer, actually one of the oldest in the country.

The flags are all US made and are quality items.

Each flag comes individually boxed.

Each flag is $30 plus $6 for tax and shipping.
(Presently, there are no provisions for bulk orders.)

By going to either or both of the following sites you can order the flag(s) of your choice

NYPD Flag: http://www.nyfd.com/nypdflag.html

FDNY Flag: http://www.nyfd.com/fdnyflag.html

You pay using PAYPAL (it is quite easy to use and requires a charge card.)
Once the transaction is completed you will receive a confirmation.

Since the flags are custom made for us, it takes a while to make...so be patient.

As the stock is depleted, there may be a 3 to 6 week wait for the next order to be made by Annin.

Again, these are custom made for the size we want.